Premade Cover

Premades are book covers that have already been designed and can be bought the way they are. The only changes made will be the text (name, title & subtitle + potentially the font) and, if needed, the size of the cover.

Small additional changes can be made for an extra charge. Examples are color changes or the exchange of an image (e.g. a flower for a moon).

Because these covers have already been designed, they can be offered for a reduced price compared to custom orders.

All premades are unique designs and will only be sold once. If you buy one of them, you will receive the exclusive right to use the cover for your book.

An e-book cover will be delivered as jpg files in 72 dpi (for online use) and 300 dpi (for print projects, like advertising). Hardcover and paperback covers will be delivered as pdf files with 300 dpi. They are usually ready in 1 – 14 days.

All prices are excluding VAT.

Are you interested in one of the Premades? Contact me by e-mail: Please tell me the number of the premade, so I know which one you want. You can see the number under the cover after clicking on it.