• How much do your book covers cost? 
    Unfortunately this question cannot be answered easily. It depends on the cover itself. Some can be made quickly, others take a lot of time. Before I can tell you a price I need to know what kind of cover you have in mind and how quickly you need it. Contact me, then we can talk about specifics. Once I know more, I can give you a price for your cover. However, you can find a few general guidelines on my prices page.
  • How can I contact you?
    The best way is by e-mail: betty@charmingdesigns.de or through WhatsApp: +49/176/21050503.
  • How long will it take until I get my design?
    This question can’t be answered easily either. It depends on the complexity of your order and how many other orders I have at the time. Please contact me, then we can talk about it and agree on a delivery date. 
  • Can you tell me more about your work process?
    After you contacted me, I will send you a questionaire. Once you filled it out, I will have all relevant information and can make you an offer that includes details like price and date of delivery. If you agree with my offer, you get a confirmation from me and I will start working on your project. If needed I will look for images we can use and show them to you so we can pick out the ones you like best. When we have the necessary image(s) I will work on a first draft and show it to you, so we can see if the project goes in the right direction or if I have to change something. Worst case, I’ll start from scratch (which should not happen, since we talked about your wishes before). Best case, I will save the design right away. Usually, only small changes need be made after the first draft. Up to 3 changes are always included in each offer.
    While I work on your project, I will keep contacting you to include you in all important decisions. It is your design, after all, and you are the one who should like it. Once you are happy with your design, I’ll send you my bill. After you paid, I will e-mail you your design.
  • What changes will be made to a premade?
    When it comes to premades, only the text will be changed. This can include a different placement of the text or the use of a new font. Some minimal changes can be done for free, too, like brightening the whole design a bit. Other changes will cost extra and need to be discussed. 
  • What happens when I buy a premade?
    If you decided to buy a premade, I will send you your bill. Once you paid, I’ll edit the cover for you and send you the finished cover by e-mail.
    You do have 14 days to pay. The premade will be reserved for you during those 14 days. If the money does not arrive in time, you will lose your claim on it and I will offer it on my homepage again.
  • Can a premade be reserved?
    No, that isn’t possible. If you want it, you have to buy it. However, you can already buy it for a future project. Your changes can be made right away or at any later date.
  • Do I have to make a partial payment before you start working?
    No, that isn’t necessary. You can pay everything once I sent my bill, and I will do that after the design is finished. However, the design will only be sent to you after the money arrived.
  • Are discounts possible?
    Yes, they are, if several designs are bought at once. You can find information about my package deals on my prices page. Apart from that, there can be sales at certain times.
  • What do I have to add inside my book to credit you?
    Coverdesign: Bettina Schmidt, Charming Designs, www.charmingdesigns.de
    + To be on the safe side legally, I would also suggest to add the image source(s), which I will tell you when I send you your cover.